All libraries may have delivery as much as two hours late.     Milltown, Luck, Frederic & Centuria may be 3 hours late.

    07/16/2019 - 7:23am
  • Update: Automated Telephone Notice and Renewal System Still Down

    MORE's automated telephone notice system (sometimes called TNS or Teleforms) and the telephone renewal service are not working as of sometime Thursday (7-4). Unfortunately, I don't know when it will be working again, but the problem (a failed harddrive) is actively being addressed. To avoid a delay in sending notices, please use the second option listed in my email to MORE-member library staff on Friday (7-5). Please submit a help desk ticket with questions or problems. -Lori

    07/09/2019 - 1:02pm
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Group Purchase Calendar




February Library Supplies: Tape, AV cases, Book jackets, etc Kathy Setter
Library Cards Rebecca Kilde
Library Magnets Rebecca Kilde
April Material Barcodes Kathy Setter
Spine Labels Kathy Setter
May Receipt Printer Paper Rolls Kathy Setter
August Library Cards Rebecca Kilde
November Movie Licenses Leah Langby
As Needed Puppets Leah Langby
Computers/Laptops Kris Schwartz
DriveShield Kris Schwartz
Anti-Virus Software Kris Schwartz