Talking to each other

There are a lot of good ways to communicate with each other in our system. Here’s a breakdown.

IFLS and MORE email lists

These email lists are maintained by IFLS staff, and are the way you send group emails to a particular audience. I share this blog to the “plstaff” list, for instance. Find out which lists are available and how to sign up on the IFLS and MORE email lists article on the website. Any member library staff can sign up for these lists as appropriate.

Public directory

This directory was created with the general public in mind. There’s an alphabetical list by location and an interactive google map on this page. Please take a minute to check your information on that list. I don’t always catch all the changes! Send updates via a HelpDesk ticket or directly to Reb at

Password-protected directory: please update regularly

This is an internal list, and is password protected to keep pesky bots and salespeople from scraping your more private information. It’s an embedded google spreadsheet, which means that you can edit and navigate it right on the website without having a google account or logging into google (hover over the spreadsheet to move around in it). There’s also a link below the spreadsheet if you prefer to go to the native google document.

Since this is a private list, you can share a specific email if that’s how you’d like fellow library staff and IFLS staff to be able to reach you. There are spots for directors, circulation staff, teen services, children’s services and inter-library loan. According to my website statistics, this list gets accessed regularly and I know the IFLS staff use it.

We’re a big system and we ask each library to update their information regularly. Please take a minute and check this list. Submit a HelpDesk ticket or contact Reb (  if you need the password or any assistance with this.

HelpDesk ticket

The little green HelpDesk button shows up on the bottom left of every IFLS website page. (If you don’t see it, try reducing the magnification on your screen. You can also use this email:

The beauty of this little button is that every message gets sent to the IFLS staff best able to answer your question!

IFLS staff directory

Our responsive staff is always ready to provide support, answer questions or just chat.

E-materials fund

Cecelia sent out an email about this today. Please refer to the email or contact Cecelia ( for all the details. From the email:

“As you review year-end budgets, if you would like to contribute funds to the IFLS OverDrive Advantage fund, please let me know no later than Monday, December 12th. We would like to finalize selection orders for e-materials the following week.  To those libraries who have contributed funds already this year, thank you!”

Coming Up

The Reluctant Library Advocate, Session 3
Wed Dec 7th 10:00am – 11:00am

There’s plenty of room! Now’s the time to ramp up your advocacy skills.

So much of library work requires advocacy–for resources, for funding, for staff, for communities, and so much more. Yet many of us feel ill-equipped or reluctant to take on this role. In this virtual workshop series, we will engage in interactive activities designed to help you find your voice, tame your inner critic, and overcome imposter syndrome.

This session will be a recap of earlier sessions, pulling together advocacy tips and strategies, with an opportunity to share experiences.

About the presenter: Jill Markgraf is director of libraries at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Delighted and energized by the intersection of work and play, she has been incorporating the empowering elements of improv into her work as an academic librarian, and has facilitated applied improv workshops for librarians regionally and nationally.

Register now! (this webinar will be recorded)

IFLS holiday hours

IFLS will be closed

  • Friday, Dec 23
  • Monday, Dec 26
  • Friday, December 30
  • Monday, Jan 2

The News from IFLS 

The December News is about to go out. Please invite your trustees, friends, elected officials and library advocates to subscribe. There’s a link at the bottom of the IFLS website homepage, or go directly to the archives and sign-up form.