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Z39.50 Record Editing

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Record Editing from a Remote Search

When bringing in a record from another database through Remote searching you are using our Z39.50 server.  Z39.50 is the name for the protocol that allows databases to talk to each other.  When a record is brought into the MORE database it must be edited to conform to MORE’s standards.

Fixed Fields

Starting with the fixed fields at the top of the record, fill in BIB LOC and FORMAT codes which come in blank.  The BIB LOC is your two-letter library code (3 letter if this is a children’s item).  The FORMAT code displays the icon in the online catalog so it is important this is filled in; to get a list of codes double click in the box.

Leave the CATCODES as s.

Variable Fields

The second part of the record consists of MARC tags containing variable information.

Here is an example of a record before editing:

Leave all fields not labeled for deletion below.

Starting from the top:

001 – if you downloaded this record from OCLC, leave this field.  If it came from any other database, delete it.

003 – Delete

005 – Delete

015 –  Delete

035 – if this came from OCLC, leave this field.  If it came from any other database, delete it.

050 –  Delete – LC call number, not used in MORE

092 – Delete – Local call number from some other library

336-338 – these are RDA fields and must be left in.  They do NOT end in a period.

344-347 – these are RDA fields for AV items and must be left in.  They do NOT end in a period.

440/490 – see instructions on Series Statements Series Statements.

650 – Verify that subject headings are accurate.  We do not use 650 _1; these are LC children’s headings.  Convert to 650 _0 and verify the adult heading, and add |vJuvenile fiction or juvenile literature.

653 – Delete

655 – Genre terms; most have subfield 2 lcgft.  Keep all bidex headings.  All |2 gsafd headings are now either |2 lcgft or 655_0 with no |2.  Delete all migfig headings and all FAST headings.

700 – use |e for relator terms.  Punctuation is Name,|eterm.  Convert any |4 terms to |e.

Here is the record after editing:


See the Record Templates for the corresponding format for information on all MARC fields and appropriate punctutation.

There are certain MARC fields that the Bibliographic Standards Committee has  designated as Core, meaning they must be present in every record.  These are noted on the record templates with an * by the MARC tag as you go through the templates.

Verify all name and subject headings.

Save the record when you are finished.